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The Stewart T. Coffin Collection

This website serves as a resource of things I have done over the past three-quarters of a century.

If you find any of it worthwhile reading, perhaps you will mention it to friends and help it find a wider audience.

Black Spruce Journals, 184 pages, 13 MB, 2007. Canoe-tripping in the North.

Portage Trails and Campfire Tales, 52 pages, 2009. An eleven-act play.

Black Spruce Country, 66 pages, 2 MB, 2010. Canoeing stories, fiction.

AP-ART, A Compendium of Geometric Puzzles, 312 pages, 11 MB, 2018.

A Collection of Essays, 2009-2021. A mixed bag of short essays.

The Good Earth's Bounty, 89 pages, 3 MB, 2020. Photo album of local history.

A Collection of Verse, Twenty-four poems in the traditional style.

More Attempts at Fiction, 2000-2021. A mixed assortment.

Inflation and Debt, 2022-2024, 16 pages, 15 MB.

Reflections, 35 pages, 2022. Looking pensively back and critically ahead.

Tall Trees and Wild Bees and Tipcart Tales are not yet included because they are both still in print at Collective Copies.

My book Geometric Puzzle Design is also still in print.

My other puzzle books, The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections and Puzzle Craft are available on the John Rausch website johnrausch.com.

Stewart Coffin
Carlisle, Massachusetts
July, 2024